S5 Scalp Elixir and Botanical Oils 50ml each


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  • Botanical herbs absorbs and stimulate follicles
  • Delivers lasting moisture to the skin
  • Nourishes
  • Soften
  • Helps manage new growth
  • Seals in moisture
  • Adds Shine
  • Protects

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Simply Fives Collections light scalp-specific elixir is a supercharged blend of healing light oils d stimulating herbal extracts. It is light enough to penetrate your scalp whilst delivering follicle nutrition.

Our nutrient-rich Botanical oils penetrate, nourish, strengthen and protect the hair strands making it ideal for boosting deep conditioners locking in moisture and oil treatment.

Directions for use: 

Lightly apply and massage the scalp for two minutes per section, twice per week.

For edges, use every other day with a stimulating two-minute massage. Incorporate out healthy hairline tips into your regimen.

Dear queen, reaffirm, reclaim, realign, and reignite your queendom as you complete your growth-stimulating massage ritual.

Ingredient List Scalp Elixir: 

Marula, Melon, grapeseed, baobab, sweet almond and castor oil, signature herbal extract and essential oils.

Fun Fact: It takes 7 – 16 days to make this oil and it took us over 5 years to formulate this scalp elixir.

Ingredient List Botanical Oil:

Olive, medium-chain triglycerides, castor, crembe, grapeseed, vitamin e, and essential oils

Here is simple five tips to help you care for your hair:

1. When shampooing spend enough time properly cleaning and unclogging each section with a shampoo. You will feel the urge to rush through the process, don’t. A clean scalp is a key foundation for healthy hair growth.

2. Always pay attention to how your scalp responds to anything that you apply. This will help you problem-solve any scalp issues you can potentially experience in your natural hair journey.

3. If you love oiling your scalp, always go for oils that do not clog your pores and that are skin-friendly. Rule of thumb – a – little oil goes a long way.

4. Incorporate scalp massages in your weekly hair routine, 60 – 90 seconds per section. This helps to stimulate hair growt.

5. Normalize loose and comfortable hairstyles. Our scalps hates tension of any kind therefore stay away from tight hairstyles and unnecessary pulling and tugging. Tight hairstyles loosen of prematurely pull out your hair from the follicles.


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