2chic Ultra Voluptuous Body Lotion 250ml


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  • Pampers away dehydration
  • Antioxidant-rich Papaya keeps skin fresh & glowing
  • Energizes & refreshes with invigorating Tangerine
  • Lightweight, non-greasy, sensual formula
  • Leaves skin soft, plump & nourished
  • Vegan Friendly

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2chic® is to . . . love the skin you’re in. Quench your skin’s thirst for tropical moisture with the essences of bursting-fresh island fruits. The delicious blend of tangy Tangerine and nourishing, buttery Papaya in our exclusive Dual Voluptuous Complex moisturizes and energizes skin for a healthy, soft, balanced glow. Indulge skin with a little bit of paradise: revitalize and smooth with refreshing fruit botanicals. Blended with clarifying Grapefruit, Ginseng and mouthwatering Vanilla.


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